Founder, Chairman, and CEO

“We can always rely on the expert people at McKonly & Asbury to work with us to get us through business challenges. They have been a great partner of ours…and we really look forward to many more years of working with the great people of McKonly & Asbury.”

President and CEO
The H&H Group

“It really makes sense to have a partnership, to work with a trusted business advisor, and we view McKonly & Asbury as just that!”

President and CEO
United Disabilities Services

“It’s about trust and respect and McKonly & Asbury has earned that from me because they do what they say. We view them as a highly valued business partner!”

Chief Executive Officer
Girl Scouts in the Heart of Pennsylvania

“McKonly & Asbury’s technical support was more than just a plan on paper that they wrote for our organization. The staff that we worked with went out, did interviews, and got to know our staff here so they could really support the needs of our field and of the team without being outside of scope of budget, and it was really an exceptional partnership.”

Mission First Housing Group

“We have been and continue to be a partner with McKonly & Asbury because of the quality, depth, and security of what they provide to us. What they have brought us is a quiet structure and the ability to deliver service with a very engaged team of people who feel like family that we can rely on.”


“The value that McKonly & Asbury offers us is their expertise in affordable housing. They are accepted in the marketplace as one of the leaders in affordable housing in Pennsylvania. McKonly & Asbury is approachable, helpful, and responsive and they always deliver timely.”

Executive Director
Central Pennsylvania Food Bank

“From the get go, McKonly & Asbury personnel really tried to understand, really learned our business, learned our nonprofit inside and out. We take our accounting and audit services very seriously, and we feel that we’re getting great value and we look forward to more years of excellent partnership with McKonly & Asbury.”


Chief Financial Officer

“McKonly & Asbury has a good algorithm bringing independence, technical expertise, along with a willingness to partner with the organization in a collaborative manner to make the engagement a positive experience.”

Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
Presbyterian Senior Living

“McKonly & Asbury is a great partner, essential to our success. We have a lot of service providers with our size, but there are very, very few that perform at the level of McKonly & Asbury.”

Regional Benefits Manager

“We value our relationship with McKonly & Asbury’s audit team. They are a pleasure to work with and have been the foundation of getting our complex retirement savings plans on track and compliant. They are a great partner and our audit process is much easier with them on our side.”

Conestoga Wood Specialties

“We moved from a Big Four audit firm to McKonly & Asbury to receive services that were more relevant to private companies and scaled to our business. As a regional firm, we believed and experienced over the years that they valued us as a customer and were more aligned with our mission and vision.  They’ve offered us high-quality services and played an important part in our growth and success. The folks at McKonly & Asbury are wonderful to work with and we would recommend them to anyone looking for a top-notch auditing, accounting, tax, and consulting firm.”

VP and Chief Financial Officer
Four Seasons Produce

“Four Seasons has enjoyed working with McKonly & Asbury and their qualified team of tax professionals for many years. McKonly & Asbury’s team has been Four Seasons’ “first call” for tax questions and advice for both the corporation and personally for our owners.  Their communication extends beyond answering questions to various inquiries and services.  If the tax team does not have the answer, they will connect Four Seasons with someone who does, but that is quite rare!”

Chief Financial Officer
Stauffer Biscuit Co., Inc.

“McKonly & Asbury provides valuable insight to our business, along with opportunities for significant tax savings – including the identification of almost $500,000 in available income tax refunds and credits. McKonly & Asbury has assisted us in navigating the complicated tax structures in states all over the country. We are very happy with our decision to work with McKonly & Asbury as our trusted business advisors.”

R.F. Fager Company

“R.F. Fager Company has been a client of McKonly & Asbury in excess of 20 years. Over this time, our company has continued to change and grow and McKonly & Asbury has been there to grow with us. McKonly & Asbury has assisted our business through the years with just about everything you can think of. From tax return preparation and financial statements to providing back office accounting support, business valuation support, and other business consulting needs, McKonly & Asbury has always been there for us and has never let us down. We appreciate the relationship with McKonly & Asbury and look forward to many years to come.”

Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
Herbert, Rowland & Grubic, Inc.

“McKonly & Asbury has been serving the audit, tax, and business advisory needs of HRG for many years. Over this time, we’ve been able to rest comfortably in the knowledge that we have a strong and reliable service provider that supports us and is sensitive to our needs. As HRG has grown and evolved over the years, including the implementation of an Employee Stock Ownership Plan model, McKonly & Asbury has continued to provide the sound advice to help us make critical business decisions. We appreciate the professional service and value the personal relationships that come along with it.”

Chief Financial Officer
Weis Markets

“The McKonly & Asbury State and Local Tax Group represented us during numerous state sales tax audits as well as seeking refunds for various states and was instrumental in obtaining significant tax relief. However, what truly separated their services was the attention to detail in working with our employees to ensure that the refund items were addressed going forward to avoid having to continuously seek these refunds. The team worked diligently with our staff to put a process into place to resolve the refund issues, but more importantly they were always available to discuss current sales and use tax issues our staff encountered.”

Executive Director
Trehab Housing Corp

“Our decision to use McKonly & Asbury mirrors our commitment to communities and quality service. The notion of chasing the lowest priced audit service was a costly fool’s errand. McKonly & Asbury’s experience and knowledge of affordable housing, along with their culture of accuracy and professionalism enhances Trehab’s ongoing efforts.”

Founder & Managing Partner
Murphy McCormack Capital Advisors

“We interact with a lot of CPA and valuation firms. When it comes to business valuations, our first recommendation is Eric Blocher at McKonly & Asbury. Their business valuation team is a great resource for the industry, very knowledgeable, client centered yet remains independent in the process. The level of quality is exceptional. If we were looking for an expert in business valuation whether for a fair market value report, expert testimony or general knowledge, Eric would be the go to person. Eric is backed by an exceptional group of professionals with strong industry knowledge, tax expertise and an ethical approach.”

Office Manager
Crescent Box

“Crescent Box has been working together with McKonly & Asbury since 2003 and has handled our back office work, accounting, and IT needs, which frees our office up to handle our customers and expand our business. Our needs have always been met and a quick response and solution are readily available.”