State and Local Tax

“McKonly & Asbury’s SALT Group represented us during numerous state sales tax audits as well as seeking refunds for various states and was instrumental in obtaining significant tax relief. However, what truly separated their services was the attention to detail in working with our employees to ensure that the refund items were addressed going forward to avoid having to continuously seek these refunds. The team was always available to discuss current sales and use tax issues our staff encountered.” – Weis Markets


For many companies, state and local tax compliance can be a large challenge. Our State and Local Tax (SALT) group will work with your company to manage your state and local compliance issues. We look to create solutions that are consistent with your company’s overall business objectives while maximizing your tax efficiency and minimizing your general business risk.


Services We Provide

Although income taxes are normally at the forefront of a business, it can be a taxpayer’s Sales and Use Tax that is in fact the most pressing concern for potential liability exposure.

McKonly & Asbury’s SALT Group provides solutions including:

  • Refund Reviews
  • Voluntary Disclosures
  • Audit Representation
  • Taxability Determinations and Nexus Studies
  • Sales and Use Tax Training for Your Staff
Voluntary Disclosures

“Coming clean” can often be the most beneficial approach. For businesses that find they have unreported liabilities in other states, coming forward voluntarily provides the benefits of a reduced “look-back” period and abatement of penalties. Remaining anonymous in these programs until approved is key, so using a third-party representative is highly recommended.

Sales & Use Tax Audit Representation

Taxpayers often handle state sales & use tax audits and only seek assistance after a tax has been assessed. We believe we offer an invaluable service to our clients to help them prepare for an audit and deal directly with the auditors throughout the process, thereby allowing taxpayers the opportunity to focus on their business!

  • Pre-audit Assistance
  • Management of the Actual Audit
  • Review Refund and Credit Possibilities
  • Representation through the Administrative Appeals Process
  • Settlement Negotiation

In addition to Sales & Use Tax, McKonly & Asbury’s SALT Group consults related to:

  • Corporate and Pass-through Income
  • Abandoned and Unclaimed Property
  • Local Business Privilege Taxes


SALT Resources

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Pennsylvania Institute of CPAs (PICPA) – McKonly & Asbury works closely with the PICPA and has many staff members who are heavily involved with the organization. The PICPA preserves the legacy and propels the integrity of the CPA profession in PA. As a member of the PICPA, our staff has the support, connections, and professional advantage of the PICPA’s 22,000 members.


SALT Leader

Michael leads McKonly & Asbury’s State and Local Tax practice. He has assisted dozens of clients during various state sales & use tax appeals and refund reviews. For more information, please contact Mike directly at or by calling (717) 972-5800.