2018 Externship Program

“Through my experience at McKonly & Asbury’s externship program, I grew personally and professionally while working alongside other staff accountants who ultimately expanded my classroom knowledge into real business scenarios.” – Samantha Morse, Staff Accountant with McKonly & Asbury and 2017 Messiah College Graduate


Externship Schedule

We invite you to participate in McKonly & Asbury’s 2018 Externship Program! The program consists of events that take place from May through July.

Program Opener/Mixer
May 31, 2018
Community Service Event
June 18 or 26 (TBD)
Office Shadowing/Mock Interviews
Week of July 9, 2018 (confirmed with your buddy at a later date)
Program Wrap-Up Picnic
July 31, 2018


Externship Application

Please fill out the application form below (we prefer students have declared an accounting major to apply).

The application process will be open until March 30th.  Final decisions will be made during the week of April 6th, and students will be notified by April 9th.  If you have any questions, please contact Holly Kressler at recruiting@macpas.com.

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