Forensic Examination Services

Fraud and abuse is a widespread problem that effects practically every organization regardless of size, location, or industry. The typical organization loses 5% of its annual revenue to occupational fraud. The median loss caused by the occupational fraud cases in the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners 2014 Report to the Nations study was $145,000. More than 20% of these cases caused losses of at least $1 million.

Fraud Prevention is a critical tool in maximizing the profitability of any organization.  The majority of fraud schemes we have examined could have been prevented at a fraction of the actual cost of the forensic examination. Fraud schemes often mask the real profitability of organizations for a long period of time.

Fraud Detection may affect the longevity of your organization.  Detecting fraud quickly will lessen the impact of the fraud scheme on the organization.

Fraud Examination organizes and summarizes both the facts and the cost of the scheme for shareholders, for prosecution, for law enforcement and for insurance companies.

Our team of forensic professionals include Certified Fraud Examiners (CFEs) that have skills and experience in prevention, detection and examination of fraud in a variety of industries.


CFEs have the ability to:

  • Identify an organization’s vulnerability to fraud.
  • Examine data and records to detect and trace fraudulent transactions.
  • Interview personnel to obtain information.
  • Write fraud examination reports, advise clients about finding, and testify at trial.
  • Advise on improving fraud prevention and deterrence measures.

Maintaining this level of investigative experience in house can be costly for any organization. Depending on the type of fraud, examinations can consume the valuable time of key finance and audit managers for days or weeks. McKonly and Asbury has the resources to help prevent, detect or examine a fraud scheme.

Our team’s experience covers a full range of services, including:

Fraud Prevention & Fraud Detection Services

  • Fraud Awareness Training for Managers and Employees
  • Review of Existing Controls from an Anti-fraud Perspective
  • Fraud Risk Assessments
  • Data mining for red flags

 Fraud Examination Services

  • Investigating Allegations of Fraud
  • Interviewing Internal or External Suspects
  • Litigation Support & Forensic Accounting


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