Webinar Recap: Successful Investing in Human Capital

Assessment Updated (Final)We had another great webinar presented by Greg Lowe (Partner/COO) with McKonly & Asbury and Mark Pulaski, CPA, CGMA, CFP (Senior Consultant) with Cornerstone Advisors! Thank you to everyone that attended.

We objectively discussed recruiting strategies and the pros and cons of the various methods available in the marketplace today.  We then talked about the various tools used for assessing potential new hires, as well as existing staff members that might be considered for promotion. When faced with difficult decisions, choosing the best person with the highest probability for success is how high performance organizations gain an edge. The conversation ended with a focus on both the process and the tools necessary to make the best human capital investments for your organization and was perfect for hiring managers, human resource professionals, or those seeking to evaluate promotion decisions among many good choices.

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