Industry Report: Outpatient Care Centers

industry-reportThis month’s Industry Report includes the metrics and common size information for Outpatient Care Centers.

You already have your financial statements in hand, you know your metrics, now let us provide some information that will help you see how you compare to your competition.

We have provided key financial metrics through 2016 for Outpatient Care Centers located in the U.S. with sales between $10 million to $50 million.  We have also provided common size information to see how your balance sheet and income statement compares to your competition.

For 2016 alone, there are 7 companies factored into the averages below.  Gross profit margins of 100.00% increased roughly 3.97% from 2015 margins of 96.18% while sales growth remained strong increasing roughly 60.72% from 6.67% in 2015 to 10.72% in 2016.

Use this information to identify areas where you are doing well, or areas where you may have an opportunity to improve. Or, just use it to support future decisions.

Click on the links below to view the metrics and common size information for Outpatient Care Centers.

Outpatient Care Centers – Industry Financial Data and Ratios
Outpatient Care Centers – Industry Data Common Size

Would you like us to give you more details on how your company compares? Would you like to see more refined results specific to your state, region, or sales range? Contact Dan Sturm, Principal at McKonly & Asbury via our contact page if you would like to discuss any of this information further.