As an industry leader, McKonly & Asbury strives to keep you updated and in the know with several events scheduled throughout the year. Click on an event below to get more details.

Upcoming Events

2014 | Thursday, April 24 | 2:00PM-3:00PM
Current 401(k) Trends and Risks

  • Presenter(s):  Dan Sturm (Audit Principal) along with fellow speakers Shalane Cohen (Senior Audit Manager) and Danielle Guinter (Audit Manager) from McKonly & Asbury.
  • Topics: We will look at current trends and risks related to employer sponsored 401(k) plans. The discussion will include current fiduciary, accounting, and fraud/risk trends that will assist management in planning for 2014 regulatory filings.

2014 | Wednesday, May 21 | 8:00AM-4:30PM
Collaborate 2014 Conference

  • This second annual conference features a variety of topics and speakers, including group sessions and breakout sessions for you to choose from.
  • Highlights of our Collaborate 2014 Conference include:
    • Sessions focusing on current issues that attendees face every day
    • Keynote address from alliantgroup’s experts, Dean Zerbe, former Senior Tax Counsel to the U.S. Senate Finance Committee, and Mark Everson, former IRS Commissioner
    • A variety of topics including an economic outlook; legal, healthcare, tax and audit updates; and much more
    • 7 Continuing Professional Education Hours
    • Breakfast, lunch, and networking
    • Reception after the day’s sessions featuring food, drinks, and a drawing with the opportunity to win an iPad mini!

2014 | Thursday, June 5
Spring Affordable Housing Seminar

  • Presenter(s): Holly Glauser, Director of Development at PHFA; Macy Kisilinsky of PNC Real Estate; and Terry Harris, Managing Partner with McKonly & Asbury
  • Topics: Recent low-income housing tax credit news from PHFA’s perspective;  Year 15 tax credit compliance expiration and investor exit strategies.

2014 | Thursday, September 18
Fall Affordable Housing Seminar

  • Presenter(s): A.J. Johnson with A.J. Johnson Consulting
  • Topics: Calculating eligible and qualified basis, calculating the applicable fraction, and calculating first-year credits.

Past Events

Browse through our archive of past events.

2014 Events

2014 | Thursday, March 20 | 2:00PM-3:00PM
Risky Business: Navigating the Legal Aspects of Social Media in the Workplace Webinar

  • Presenter(s): Suzanne Sentman, Human Resource Director, and Reed Horanburg, Senior IT Consultant, with McKonly & Asbury; Todd Shill, Partner and Employment Law Specialist from Rhoads & Sinon LLP
  • Topics: Find out about the latest social media usage trends; Get advice on how to properly monitor employees online; Learn to strategically use social media in the hiring process; Get updates on noteworthy developments in employment law; and Find out “what is safe” for employees and get numerous “best practices” tips for employers.

2014 | Thursday, February 20 | 2:00PM-3:00PM
Webinar: Fraud – Not ‘If’, But ‘When’

  • Presenter(s): Janice Snyder, Audit Partner with McKonly & Asbury, David Hammarberg, Certified Fraud Examiner with McKonly & Asbury, and Joseph Krzywicki, Senior Vice President, Market Manager at PNC Bank
  • Topics: Understand the lessons learned from over 50 combined years of fraud experiences. Learn how good processes and internal controls can protect not only your organization, but also you as an individual. Obtain some practical tips on how you might prevent fraud in the future. Remember, it is not a question of “IF” fraud will occur in your organization, it is a question of “WHEN”.  Are you prepared?

2014 | Thursday, January 23 | 2:00PM-3:00PM
Webinar: Cover Your Assets

  • Presenter(s): David Warren, President & CEO of Bridgeford Trust Company
  • Topics: Definition of Asset Protection Trust; Factors that make some Asset Protection Statutes Better Than Others; Comparison of Asset Protection Statutes/Jurisdictions Across the Country; Specific Uses for Asset Protection Trusts in the Wealth Planning Process; Consider Whether there is a Legal Duty to Place Use an Appropriate Jurisdiction for Asset Protection Planning
2013 Events

2013 | Thursday, November 14 | 2:00PM-3:00PM
Mitigating Taxes for Contractors: Section 460 Application Webinar

  • Presenter(s): Lisa White, Senior Manager and Chris Care, Staff Accountant with McKonly & Asbury
  • Topics: IRC Section 460; determining when the large contractor rules apply; how to calculate the percent complete for tax purposes; opportunities for tax planning and savings.

2013 | Thursday, October 17 | 2:00PM-3:00PM
Fraud Prevention and Detection: Surprise Fraudsters Before They Surprise You Webinar

  • Presenter(s): Sam BowerCraft, Senior Manager and Dave Hammarberg, IT Director with McKonly & Asbury
  • Topics: How to prevent and detect fraud using uncommon techniques; a focus on techniques that can be used by any size business to detect fraudsters.

2013 | Thursday, October 10 | 2:00PM-3:00PM
Interest Charge – Domestic International Sales Corporation (IC-DISC) Webinar

  • Presenter(s): David Ji, Senior Managing Director, alliantgroup with host Mark Heath, Partner with McKonly & Asbury
  • Topics: A break down of the complexities of the export incentive for companies whose products and services are used outside the U.S.

2013 | Thursday, September 26 | 2:00PM-3:00PM
The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act – Focus on the Public and Private Exchange Marketplace Webinar

  • Presenter(s): Kent Evans, Vice President / Human Capital Consultant with Willis of Delaware, Inc. and Suzanne Sentman, Human Resource Director with McKonly & Asbury
  • Topics: The rules and regulations under the new Exchanges; who will benefit and who is eligible; an explanation of the enrollment process; employer benefits; employee impacts.

2013 | Tuesday, September 24 | 8:30AM-4:30PM
Fall 2013 Affordable Housing Seminar

  • Presenter(s): A.J. Johnson, A.J. Johnson Consulting
  • Topics: Management of LIHTC Projects; HUD Section 8 Program; Rural Housing Section 515 Program; as well as updates on recent changes in Fair Housing rules, Internal Revenue Code Section 42, and the impact of ObamaCare on affordable housing

2013 | Wednesday, September 18 | 8:00AM-2:15PM
2013 Retirement Plan Benefits/Audit Issues Forum

  • Presenter(s): Robert Glus, Stephan Troy, BethAnn Reeser, and Thomas Reese with Conrad Siegel and Michael Hoffner and Daniel Sturm with McKonly & Asbury
  • Topics: Economic outlook; fraud in retirement plans; retirement plan accounting update; retirement plan investments; retirement readiness/benefit trends; healthcare reform update.

2013 | Thursday, September 12 | 2:00PM-3:00PM
179D: The Energy Efficient Commercial Building Deduction Webinar

  • Presenter(s): Linda McCluskey, Director of Energy Credits & Incentives, alliantgroup with host Mark Heath, Partner with McKonly & Asbury
  • Topics: How 179D helps the design and construction industry meet 2030 carbon neutrality goals; how 179D allows the immediate and direct benefits of the deductions for qualified buildings; the qualifying components of the 179D energy efficient building deduction; recent changes enacted by the IRS to the 179D deduction.

2013 | Thursday, August 15| 2:00PM-3:00PM
Construction Industry Technical Update Webinar

  • Presenter(s): Michael Hoffner, Partner; David Blain, Principal; and Lisa White, Senior Manager with McKonly & Asbury
  • Topics: Recent accounting and tax changes impacting the construction industry; upcoming accounting guidance changes with revenue recognition and other related topics; guidance to new federal and state tax legislation that will impact contractors.

2013 | Thursday, August 8 | 2:00PM-3:00PM
The Research & Development Tax Credit Webinar

  • Presenter(s): Michael Siegel, Managing Director, alliantgroup with host Michael Eby, Tax Supervisor with McKonly & Asbury
  • Topics: Identify the industries where R&D Tax Credits are most likely generated; types of activities that may qualify for the credit; identify the effects of funded research; recent IRS directives and current court cases will also be discussed.

2013 | Thursday, July 18 | 2:00PM-3:00PM
Pennsylvania Budget Overview Webinar

  • Presenter(s): Jason Skrinak, Principal with McKonly & Asbury
  • Topics: Detailed analysis of the Pennsylvania 2013/2014 budget with a focus on the corporate tax reforms included within the budget.

2013 | Tuesday, July 2 | 2:00PM-3:00PM
Mission Critical: A Practical Update of Nonprofit Accounting, Tax, and Governance Hot Topics Webinar

  • Presenter(s): Jim Shellenberger, Senior Manager with McKonly & Asbury
  • Topics: Updates in the areas of nonprofit accounting and tax technical pronouncements; a review of key governance topics and best practices; geared to employees and executives of nonprofit organizations, and also for individuals and companies that serve nonprofit organizations and those that volunteer their time as board members.

2013 | Thursday, June 13 | 2:00PM-3:00PM
LEAN and the Finance and Accounting Process Webinar

  • Presenter(s): David Blain, Principal with McKonly & Asbury
  • Topics: Understanding of how to use and implement LEAN to enhance the finance and accounting processes within your business; key concepts of LEAN and tips around how to implement those concepts for improved operational and financial reporting to business leaders, managers, and front line operations personnel.

2013 | Thursday, June 13 | 10:00AM-3:00PM
Affordable Housing Seminar

  • Speaker(s): Holly Glauser, Director of Development, PHFA; Karen Arnold, Keystone Grant Manager, PA Historical & Museum Commission; David Buches, FHLBank Pittsburgh; Elizabeth Brooks, Principal, McKonly & Asbury, LLP
  • Topics: News from PHFA and What to Expect in the 2014 Qualified Allocation Plan; Federal and PA Historic Tax Credits; Affordable Housing Program (AHP) and Community Lending Program; The 50% Test, The 10% Test, and Development Cost Certifications.

2013 | Thursday, June 6 | 8:00AM-4:30PM
Collaborate 2013 Conference

  • As part of our 40th year anniversary, this conference was developed with you in mind. Highlights of our Collaborate 2013 Conference include:

1. Keynote address focused on the state of the economy and tax legislation, delivered by alliantgroup’s experts, Dean Zerbe, former Senior Tax Counsel to the U.S. Senate Finance Committee, and Mark Everson, former IRS Commissioner
2. State of PA Address from special guest, Lieutenant Governor Cawley
3. Tax, audit, and accounting updates
4. Industry experts including construction, manufacturing, nonprofit, and more
5. CPE credits
6. Breakfast, lunch, and networking
7. Reception after the day’s sessions featuring food, drinks, and a drawing with the opportunity to win some great prizes, including an iPad mini!

2013 | Thursday, May 30 | 2:00PM-3:00PM
Successful Investing in Human Capital Webinar

  • Presenter(s): Greg Lowe, Partner, COO with McKonly & Asbury will present with Mark Pulaski, Senior Consultant of Cornerstone Advisors
  • Topics: Recruiting strategies and the pros and cons of the various methods available in the marketplace today; various tools used for assessing potential new hires, as well as existing staff members that might be considered for promotion; the process and the tools necessary to make the best human capital investments for your organization.

2013 | Wednesday, May 15 | 2:00PM-2:30PM
Maximizing Community Impact Through EITC Webinar

  • Presenter(s): Greg Lowe, Partner, COO and Michael Eby, CPA, Tax Supervisor with McKonly & Asbury
  • Topics: Pennsylvania’s Educational Improvement Tax Credit Program: what the program is all about, what type of businesses can participate, what the eligible taxes are for which the credit can be applied; examples will be reviewed as well as instructions for how an organization can apply.

2013 | Thursday, April 25 | 2:00PM-3:00PM
Practical Overview of “Obamacare” Webinar

  • Presenter: Suzanne Sentman, Human Resource Director with McKonly & Asbury and Micah Saul, Attorney with Devine Law Offices, LLC
  • Topics: Various requirements of the “Large Employer Mandate”; Determining which employees are entitled to health insurance coverage; What constitutes adequate health insurance coverage; Establishing and utilizing “look back” or “measurement periods”; When and how penalties will be assessed and calculated.

2013 | Thursday, April 18 | 2:00PM-3:00PM
Professional Ethics Webinar

  • Presenter: Michael Hoffner, Partner and Elaine Nissley, Principal with McKonly & Asbury
  • Topics: The application of ethics from a professional standards perspective; highlight of the Codes of Professional Ethics including American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA), The Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA), and Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA).

2013 | Thursday, March 21 | 2:00PM-3:00PM
Skimming: What the Auditor’s Miss Webinar

  • Presenter: Dave Hammarberg, Director of IT and Consulting Senior Manager with McKonly and Asbury
  • Topics: Fraud; What is Skimming; How to detect and protect your organization from occurrences of Skimming.

2013 | Thursday, February 21 | 2:00PM-3:00PM
Accounting and Auditing Update Webinar

  • Presenter: Janice Snyder, Principal with McKonly and Asbury
  • Topics: New and proposed accounting standards updates that may impact your business; new auditing standards affecting this year’s audit; IFRS/US GAAP convergence; Separate standard-setting board for Private Companies.

2013 | Thursday, January 24 | 2:00PM-3:00PM
2013 Tax Update Webinar

  • Presenters: Dan Matarrese, Manager and Mike Eby, Supervisor with McKonly and Asbury
  • Topics: Key tax provisions in the American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012; other tax planning issues that you should be aware of in 2013.
2012 Events

2012 | Tuesday, December 4
Retirement Plan Seminar

  • Presenters: McKonly & Asbury – Michael Hoffner, Partner; Daniel Sturm, Principal; and David Blain, Principal. Conrad Siegel Actuaries – Thomas Reese, Partner and Consulting Actuary. McNees Wallace & Nurick LLC – Stephen Kern.
  • Topics: Retirement Plan Audits: A Sponsor’s Perspective; LEAN for Plan Sponsors; Who’s On the Hook for Decisions Made in Your 401(k)?; Employee Benefits Legal Update

2012 | Thursday, November 15
Business and Personal Ethics Webinar

  • Presenter: Elaine Nissley, MBA, CISA, PMP, CCSA, CRISC, and Principal with McKonly and Asbury
  • Topics: Personal and business ethics; Discussion of ethical perspectives, various approaches to ethics, and some key components of ethics application including the importance of communication, as well as the the key components of an ethics program and what you should expect to find within an organization.

2012 | Tuesday & Wednesday, November 13 & 14
Fall 2012 Affordable Housing Seminar

  • Presenter: A.J. Johnson of A.J. Johnson Consulting
  • Topics:  Two days of training for experienced LIHTC project managers and LIHTC industry professionals with the option to take the certification examination to become a Housing Credit Certified Professional (HCCP). Various topics to be covered over the two-day timeframe.

2012 | Thursday, October 18
Planning for Tax Increases in 2013 Webinar

  • Presenter: Dan Matarrese, Manager with McKonly & Asbury
  • Topics: The tax impact of the affordable care act, the sun-setting of Bush-era tax cuts, and planning opportunities that exist in an environment of rising taxes.

2012 | Friday, October 19
Construction Seminar

  • Presenters: McKonly & Asbury – Michael Hoffner, Partner; David Blain, Principal; Jason Skrinak, Principal; Lisa White, Senior Manager; and Dan Matarrese, Manager. McConkey Insurance & Benefits – Greg Marco, Account Executive. Barley Snyder – John Sylvanus, Of Counsel.
  • Topics: Construction Accounting / Federal and State Tax Update; LEAN Back Office; Generational Planning Matters; Contractor / Subcontractor Prequalification; and Legal Update.

2012 | Tuesday, October 23
Security & Fraud Seminar

  • Presenters: McKonly & Asbury – Michael Hoffner, Partner and Samuel BowerCraft, Senior Manager. Citizens Bank – Paul Hample, Vice President. WorldPay – Larry Levine, Commercial Account Executive. Cato Institute – Thomas Firey. Federal Bureau of Investigation – Agents Scott Sutherland and James Nelson.
  • Topics: The Importance of Governance and Strategy; The Illusion of Transparency; Financial Fraud and Educating Employees; Risk and Information Clarity; and Clarity of Purpose: Impact and Effect – Roles and Responsibilities.

2012 | Thursday, September 20
Trust Us – A Look into Utilizing Trusts in Your Wealth Planning Efforts Webinar

  • Presenters: Dan Matarrese, Manager with McKonly & Asbury and David Warren, President and CEO of Bridgeford Trust Company
  • Topics:  Basics surrounding trust planning; scenarios where trusts can and should be used, various types of trusts, and even some specifics regarding the formation of trusts.

2012 | Thursday, August 23
Buy-Sell Agreements Webinar

  • Presenter: Eric Blocher, CPA, CVA, Principal with McKonly & Asbury
  • Topics:  Learn the essential valuation criteria that should be in every buy-sell agreement. It is never too late to fix it! Added bonus: we will review at no charge to you the valuation clauses in any shareholders’ agreement.

2012 | Thursday, July 19
Federal Tax Webinar

  • Presenters: Mark Heath, CPA, Partner and Marta Horst, CPA, Senior Manager with McKonly & Asbury
  • Topics:  New tangible property regulations; depreciation of fixed assets; how to apply the correct methods and lives, and avoid errors; and cost segregation.

2012 | Thursday, June 7
Manufacturers Summit

  • Presenters: Fred Botterbusch, MANTEC; Bruce Nilson, Future Direction; David Blain, McKonly & Asbury; Scott McMartin, McMartin Consulting; Garry Brinton, Facilities Planners + Architects (FP+A); Steve Buterbaugh, McConkey Insurance and Benefits
  • Topics: Growth and Innovation and What Companies are Doing to Grow; Small Group Discussion on Growth and Innovation; A Different Way of Looking at Performance; How to Save Money (and Aggravation) on Your Renovation and Construction Projects; Growth is Great, but Do Not Forget to Manage Risk

2012 | Thursday, May 31
Business Seminar for Entrepreneurs

  • Presenters: Kurt Trimarchi, Dan Matarrese, Janice Snyder, Dave Hammarberg & Samuel BowerCraft, McKonly & Asbury; Todd Shill, Rhoads & Sinon LLP; Pavone; Paytime
  • Topics: Asset Protection: Keeping Your Assets Safe; Will Private Company “GAAP” Become a Reality?; IT Fraud/Controls: Is Your Company Protected?; Branding, Social and Digital Media – A Primer; Payroll Update and Hot Topics for 2012; Legal Update in Today’s Economy

2012 | Monday, June 4
Nonprofit Seminar

  • Presenters: Gary Dubas & Jim Shellenberger, McKonly & Asbury; Victoria Radabaugh Lindstrom, Suasion, LLC
  • Topics: Tax Issues Facing Nonprofit Organizations; Hot Topics in Nonprofit Accounting and Auditing; Marketing Isn’t Really An Expense!

2012 | Wednesday, May 23
Spring Affordable Housing Seminar

  • Presenter:  A. J. Johnson, A. J. Johnson Consulting
  • Topics: IRS Form 8823 and Tax Exempt Bonds

2012 | Wednesday, May 16
Fifth Annual TRENDS Symposium

  • Presenters: Michael Hoffner, Elaine Nissley, Samuel BowerCraft, McKonly & Asbury; Senator Patricia Vance; James Gkonos, Saul Ewing; Jane Taylor, Huggins Actuarial; Annette Szady, PA Insurance Department; Bill Reinenberg, Capital BlueCross
  • Topics:  Professional Ethics; SSAE16 – Third Party Reliance: SOC; Legislative Update; ORSA/Insurance Update; Actuarial Update; Risk Focused Financial Examination Panel (lessons learned)

2012 | Thursday, May 17
Fraud Engagement from A to Z Webinar

  • Presenters: Dave Hammarberg, Director of IT and Consulting Senior Manager, and Samuel BowerCraft, Senior Manager, of McKonly & Asbury
  • Topics:  Join us for a step-by-step detailed walk through of an actual fraud engagement.

2012 | Friday, May 18
Spring Construction Seminar

  • Presenters: Tim Woolford, Woolford Law; Michael Hoffner, McKonly & Asbury; Lydia Mantle, Murray Risk Management and Insurance; Bill Kepler and Jim Wagner, Fulton Bank
  • Top 10 Contract Provisions Most Likely to Affect Your Right to Payment in the Tight Economy; Revenue Recognition/Lease Accounting Changes for Contractors; Personal Surety: Is This the Right Choice for You?; Current Banking Market for Construction and Contractors

2012 | Thursday, April 19
Retaining Your Top Talent Webinar

  • Presenters: Katie Nix, Human Resource Manager and Suzanne Sentman, Human Resource Coordinator of McKonly & Asbury
  • Topics:  Hiring top talent continues to be a challenge for many companies. What is even more challenging is retaining the talent you recruited. In this webinar, we will cover ways to keep your talent from walking out the door.

2012 | Thursday, March 22
Lean Operations/Overhead for Small to Mid-Sized Companies Webinar

  • Presenter: Greg Lowe, Partner/COO, McKonly & Asbury
  • Topics:  Learn about the best practices McKonly & Asbury has used both internally and also learned about as we partner with our clients.  Our goal will be to provide best practice trends in major overhead areas, as well as some ideas that might inspire new ways to look at overhead areas within your business.

2012 | Thursday, February 23
Claim What You Deserve Webinar

  • Presenter: Michael Siegel, Managing Director with alliantgroup
  • Topics: Learn about the recent changes to the R&D Tax Credit to clear the cobwebs and help you take maximum advantage of the credit.

2012 | Thursday, January 19
How to Work from Anywhere Webinar

  • Presenters: Reed Horanburg and Dan Matarrese
  • Topics: Learn about the services and applications needed, both from an enterprise and personal level, to facilitate remote connectivity and productivity.
2011 Events

2011 | Thursday, December 15
Becoming a Rainmaker Webinar

  • Presenters: Autumn Wolfe and David Blain
  • Topics: Learn how to make rain in your companies with our rainmaker session.

2011 | Thursday, November 17
IFRS Changes Webinar

  • Presenters: Janice Snyder
  • Topics: An overview of recent and proposed changes to financial reporting rules and requirements, as well as an introduction to International Financial Reporting Standards and Private Company Reporting and how these concepts might affect your business.

2011 | Tuesday, November 1
Fall Construction Seminar

  • Presenters: McKonly & Asbury, Reager & Adler, PC, McConkey Insurance & Benefits
  • Topics: Accounting and Tax Update, Fraud and Construction, Construction Workplace Misclassification Act, Reducing Subcontractor Financial Risk.

2011 | Thursday, October 27
Technology in the Workplace Webinar

  • Presenters: Dan Matarrese and Reed Horanburg
  • Topics: A discussion on the uses of tablets and smart-phones in the workplace. We will discusses the pro’s and con’s of different devices as well as security issues associated with them. We will also discuss tips and tricks to make these devices more useful to users.

2011 | Thursday,October 20
Employee Retirement Plans (What You Need to Know)

  • Presenters: McKonly & Asbury, Fidelity Investments Institutional Services Company, Inc., Thornburg Investment Management, Morgan Stanley Smith Barney, McNees Wallace & Nurick LLC.
  • Topics: How to Survive a Benefit Plan Financial Statement Audit, Retirement Plan Trends, The Regulatory Readiness: New Realities in the DC Plan Industry, Why an Advisor? 5 Reasons for Plan Sponsors to Seek the Assistance of a Financial Advisor, Employee Benefit Plans Legal Update.

2011 | Friday, September 16
Risk Management and Fraud Seminar

  • Presenters: Scott Sutherland (Special Agent of the FBI), Samuel BowerCraft (McKonly & Asbury), Tom Strause (Financial Outsourcing Solutions), Pat Bosma & Paul Hample (Citizens Bank), and Rob Felter (Worldpay)
  • Topics: Fraud Risk Assessment – Looking for Exposure; Fraud Trends – What’s Hot, What’s Not; The Man Faces of Risk; Demystifying Bank Fraud Protection; and Insurance Fraud.

2011 | Thursday, August 25
Multi State Sales and Use Tax Webinar

  • Presenter: Jason Skrinak of McKonly & Asbury
  • Topics: The history of nexus with regards to sales and use tax and how the history impacts the current business environment.

2011 | Thursday, July 21
LEAN Your Accounting Process Webinar

  • Presenter: David Blain of McKonly & Asbuy
  • Topics: Learning how to reduce internal costs of operations and overhead through the 5S concept.

2011 | Thursday, June 23
Fraud in the Workplace Webinar

  • Presenter: David Hammarberg of McKonly & Asbuy
  • Topics: Fraud in the workplace, Process improvements within your accounting department, Managing your sales tax liability, and more.

2011 | Thursday, June 9
McKonly & Asbury and MANTEC’s Manufacturers Summit

  • Topics: Tax Credits for Manufacturers and a General Tax Update, Business Valuation – How Value is Determined and Items that Impact Value (i.e. LEAN), State Update from a Local Representative, Discussion on the Six Next Generation Manufacturing Strategies

2011 | Friday, June 3
McKonly & Asbury Insurance Symposium: TRENDS IV

  • Presenters: McKonly & Asbury, McConkey Insurance & Benefits, Huggins Actuarial Services, PA Insurance Department, Senator Patricia Vance
  • Legislative Update, Insurance Department Update, Business/Professional Ethics, Tax Update, Reinsurance, Cloud/Social Media, Safeguarding Confidential Data

2011 | Wednesday, May 25
McKonly & Asbury Business Seminar for Entrepreneurs

  • Presenters: McKonly & Asbury, Rhoads & Sinon, LLP, and Prime Pay
  • Adding Value to Your Business, LEAN Principles, Current Tax Environment and Planning Opportunities, Energy Credits, Social Media, Patient Protection & Affordable Care Act

2011 | Thursday, May 19
McKonly & Asbury Spring Construction Seminar

  • Presenters: McKonly & Asbury, Murray Risk Management and Insurance, and Woolford Law
  • LEAN for Construction, Energy Credits, Controlling Workers Compensation Costs, Bonding Credit, Prevailing Wage Compliance

2011 | Thursday, May 12
McKonly & Asbury Nonprofit Seminar

  • Click here for details

2011 | Wednesday, May 4
McKonly & Asbury Affordable Housing Update

  • Presenter: A. J. Johnson from A. J. Johnson Consulting Services, Inc.Topics: Management of Low-Income Housing Tax Credit Projects and Income Verification and Calculation
2010 Events

2010 | October 28
McKonly & Asbury Fall Construction Conference

  • Topics: Forecasting for LIHTC Projects, Preservation through Smart Rehab, Winter Relief Assistance Programs, Recent IRS Activity Relating to LIHTCs, TCAP and Section 1602 Exchange Funds
  • Presenters: McKonly & Asbury, PHFA, PPL, A.J. Johnson, GAO

2010 | October 18
McKonly & Asbury Affordable Housing Update

  • Topics: Forecasting for LIHTC Projects, Preservation through Smart Rehab, Winter Relief Assistance Programs, Recent IRS Activity Relating to LIHTCs, TCAP and Section 1602 Exchange Funds
  • Presenters: McKonly & Asbury, PHFA, PPL, A.J. Johnson, GAO

2010 | May 14
McKonly & Asbury Affordable Housing Update

  • Presenters: McKonly & Asbury, Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency, Enterprise Community Investment Inc., JLA Consulting LLC.

2010 | April 23
McKonly & Asbury Spring Construction Conference

  • Presenters: McKonly and Asbury, Murray Risk Management and Insurance, Reager and Adler LLC

2010 | April 22-23
Individual no-cost meetings with FHA loan experts Rockport Mortgage

  • FHA Loan Experts Joe Mueller and Linda Pellegrino will offer one on one meetings to discuss customized recapitalization and financing options for your project.
2009 Events

2009 | October 2
McKonly & Asbury Construction Conference

  • Topics: Sales and Use Tax, Captive insurance, construction Tax, legal matters and Insurance Bonding
  • Presenters: McKonly and Asbury, EK McConkey, LLP and McNees, Wallace and Nurick, LLP

2009 | September 11
McKonly & Asbury Affordable Housing Update

  • Topics: Financing Issues, PHFA Low-Income Housing Tax Credit Application Preparation, and other Tax Credit Topics
  • Presenters: McKonly & Asbury, Rockport Mortgage, and PHFA

2009 | April 24
McKonly & Asbury Affordable Housing Update

  • Topics: Year 15 Exit Strategies, Maintaining Compliance, The Economic Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009
  • Presenters: McKonly & Asbury; Blank Rome, LLP; Mullin & Lonergan Associates, Inc.; and PHFA
2008 Events

2008 | November 13
Real Estate Seminar

  • Topics: New Audit Risk Assessment Standards, Tax Credit Application Guidelines, and Cost Certification Basics
  • Presenters: McKonly & Asbury

2008 | May 16
Real Estate Seminar

  • Topics: Tax Credit Basics, Basics of Reviewing a Deal Letter, and Investor Negotiations
  • Presenters: McKonly & Asbury and PNC Multifamily Capital
2007 Events

2007 | October 26
Real Estate Seminar

  • Topics: New Audit Risk Assessment Standards, Tax Credit Application Guidelines, and Cost Certification Basics
  • Presenters: McKonly & Asbury

2007 | May 3
Real Estate Seminar

  • Topic: Accounting Issues in Affordable Housing
  • Presenters: McKonly & Asbury

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