As an industry leader, McKonly & Asbury strives to keep you updated and in the know with several events scheduled throughout the year. Click on an event below to get more details.

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2017 | Thursday, May 25

Webinar: Nonprofits & Fraud: Protecting the People You Serve

  • This presentation will highlight statistics for security and fraud of non-profit organizations. The webinar will also involve reviewing two non-profit case studies and the best practices that would have prevented a fraud or data breach event from occurring. We will look into how you protect your most valuable assets (employees, donors, the people you serve, etc.) and what it is that you have that fraudsters want. The webinar will give you information that you can use to start protecting your organization immediately.

2017 | Thursday, June 1

Webinar: Tax Season Recap: Top 10 Stumbling Blocks for Business Owners

  • This webinar will focus on errors and corrections that we noted and identified with business owners through our year-end book keeping and tax return preparation services. We will focus on the top 10 most recurring errors and omissions we discover during our year-end work. We will focus on how these errors and omissions impact a business owner both through their business and with their personal taxes. We will also discuss how to avoid and correct these errors in the future to ensure protection of business assets and cash management.

2017 | Thursday, June 15

Webinar: Application of the New Revenue Standard

  • This webinar will provide a summary of key points of the new revenue standard, including updates from the AICPA’s revenue recognition task force. This presentation will include a discussion of the five steps of the new revenue model and application to various industries including construction, manufacturing, nonprofits and healthcare.

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