As an industry leader, McKonly & Asbury strives to keep you updated and in the know with several events scheduled throughout the year. Click on an event below to get more details.

Upcoming Events
 2017 | Thursday, December 7

Webinar – Preparing to Buy or Sell? Topics and Tips for a Successful Transition

  • This webinar will be geared to those in the process of business transition. Whether looking to sell your business, transition your business to a future generation, or expand your business through acquisition, this webinar will focus on key concepts from a financial and tax structure that all business owners should consider in advance of any business related transition. The webinar will focus on matters of preliminary planning and preparation for transition, understanding business value, tax consequences and tax structuring matters, pitfalls to avoid, and other unintended consequences.

Past Events

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2017 Events2017 | Tuesday, November 14

Webinar – Ethics: Real Life Application of the AICPA Code of Professional Conduct

  • This webinar will focus on specific ethical examples related to both public accounting and industry.  We will review key points in the AICPA Code of Professional Conduct and their application to our daily responsibilities.

2017 | Thursday, November 9
Webinar: Protecting Your Contract Receivables – PA Mechanics Lien Law and Payment Bond Claims

  • Get up to speed on the recent changes in the PA Mechanics Lien Law and hear an important discussion on how you can best protect your rights to payment.  This webinar will also cover some guidelines on asserting payment bond claims, and pointers on how to best exercise contractual and statutory remedies promptly so as not to endanger receivables. Finally, the session will cover details on how to evaluate at-risk receivables subject to each of the noted remedies and how to accurately and properly evaluate the financial reporting for such items.

2017 | Thursday, November 2
Fall Affordable Housing Seminar

  • Guest speaker, A.J. Johnson is returning again this year! A.J. will cover topics including acquisition/rehab deals and complexities related to those deals such as placed in service issues and transferring tenants between units. He will also spend time discussing the calculation of LIHTCs, critical time frames for LIHTC developments, IRS Forms 8609 and 8823, and combining tax-exempt bond financing with LIHTCs.

2017 | Thursday, October 19
2017 Nonprofit Conference: Pathways to Excellence

  • McKonly & Asbury’s Nonprofit Team invites you to join us for our 2017 Nonprofit Conference: Pathways to Excellence! This conference is focused specifically on addressing the unique needs of the nonprofit sector and will discuss current trends, updates, and tools nonprofits need to know. It will take place on Thursday, October 19, 2017 at the Camp Hill Giant Food Store.

2017 | Thursday, October 19
Webinar: Gain Traction in Your Business by Losing Control

  • During this webinar we will dive into the 6 key components and some simple tools for each one.  These tools aren’t some magic pill or flavor of the month.  These are field tested, simple and amazingly practical ways to apply the timeless principles found in EOS.

2017 | Thursday, September 21
Collaborate 2017 Conference

  • Join McKonly & Asbury on September 21st at the Hershey Lodge for our Collaborate 2017 Conference! This 5th annual conference features a variety of topics and speakers, customized to past participant feedback, as well as to what’s trending in the business community. It will take place on Thursday, September 21, 2017 at the Hershey Lodge.

2017 | Tuesday, August 22
Webinar: Accounting Technical Updates: What has the FASB been focused on?

  • This webinar will present a high level overview of the more significant projects and technical updates of the FASB.  The topics covered in this presentation will include revenue recognition, leases, business combinations, Goodwill & Intangibles, Compensation and Not-for-profit Entities.

2017 | Thursday, July 27
Webinar: 2017 Pennsylvania Tax Update

  • The presentation will provide an overview of the enacted 2017-2018 Pennsylvania State Budget, including a summary discussion of what tax items have been on the table for negotiation during the past few years. Other discussions will be subject to the budget being timely passed.

2017 | Thursday, June 15
Webinar: Application of the New Revenue Standard

  • This webinar will provide a summary of key points of the new revenue standard, including updates from the AICPA’s revenue recognition task force. This presentation will include a discussion of the five steps of the new revenue model and application to various industries including construction, manufacturing, nonprofits and healthcare.

2017 | Thursday, June 1

Webinar: Tax Season Recap: Top 10 Stumbling Blocks for Business Owners

  • This webinar will focus on errors and corrections that we noted and identified with business owners through our year-end book keeping and tax return preparation services. We will focus on the top 10 most recurring errors and omissions we discover during our year-end work. We will focus on how these errors and omissions impact a business owner both through their business and with their personal taxes. We will also discuss how to avoid and correct these errors in the future to ensure protection of business assets and cash management.

2017 | Thursday, May 25
Webinar: Nonprofits & Fraud: Protecting the People You Serve

  • This presentation will highlight statistics for security and fraud of non-profit organizations. The webinar will also involve reviewing two non-profit case studies and the best practices that would have prevented a fraud or data breach event from occurring. We will look into how you protect your most valuable assets (employees, donors, the people you serve, etc.) and what it is that you have that fraudsters want. The webinar will give you information that you can use to start protecting your organization immediately.

2017 | Friday, May 19
 Spring 2017 Affordable Housing Seminar

  • Our Spring 2017 Affordable Housing Seminar will feature a variety of topics and speakers! This seminar will feature recent news from PHFA, LIHTC acquisition/rehab issues, a panel discussion on bond deals and the 4% credit, a discussion on accounting for construction period/development costs, and an accounting technical update. This affordable housing seminar will run from 10am to 3pm and offers 4.25 CPE credits.

2017 | Thursday, April 6

Webinar: Human Resource Technology Trends for 2017

  • In a rapidly expanding digital age, the relationship between Human Resources and technology continues to grow closer. Technology continues to be the driving force behind changes to HR practices and industry experts predict glaring change in the near future; however, great opportunity lies ahead for employers to learn how to leverage this change and set up their talent and organizations for success.  Recognizing the rapidly expanding prevalence of personal technology and increased numbers of millennials in the workforce, many employers must consider this cohort of “digital natives” when adopting HR technologies.

2017 | Thursday, March 23

Webinar: Legislative Update – What To Expect After The Election

  • During this past election there were many speculations on what tax reform would look like under the new President-elect. Now that the election and the inauguration have come and gone, what tax reform can we really expect? What impact will President Trump’s proposed tax reform really have? This webinar will answer those questions and take a deep dive into the potential tax reform, the legislative changes that will be taking place, as well as go over research and development credits and any expansions that may exist.

2017 | Thursday, March 9
Webinar: Ethical Dilemmas and War Stories: What Would You Do?

  • Ethical dilemmas are often recognized too late. The landscape for CPAs is more dangerous when clients or third parties push the boundaries. The traps are frequently difficult to perceive, and more dangerous if the accountant has started down the slippery slope of rationalization. This presentation will use CAMICO “war stories” and Loss Prevention “Hotline” inquiries to bring to life these traps and often overlooked ethical requirements. Requirements clarified will include the AICPA Code of Conduct, U.S. Treasury Circular 230 and the AICPA’s Conceptual Framework.

2017 | Thursday, February 23
Webinar: Cost Segregation and Tangible Property Repair Regulations

  • Cost Segregation is a tax strategy that identifies and classifies building component costs for federal tax purposes. The primary goal of Cost Segregation is to identify all property-related costs that can be depreciated faster (typically over five, seven and 15 years) or written off as a retirement. This webinar covers potential tax planning strategies with practical examples. Participants will be better able to identify tax saving opportunities and be in compliance with these new regulations.

2017 | Thursday, February 9
Webinar: Outside the Office: Mobile Security

  • More and more organization employees are required to work outside the office using tablets, laptops and smartphones. These technologies are causing profound changes in the organization of information systems and therefore they have become the source of new risks. Mobile technologies collect and compile an increasing amount of sensitive information to which access must be controlled to protect the privacy of the user and the intellectual property of the company. This webinar will discuss the risks faced by small to medium size organizations that require employees to work remotely.  We will also discuss mitigation strategies.

2017 | Thursday, January 26
Webinar: Year End Income Tax Update: Past, Present and Future

  • During this webinar we will review the current status of the tax world for both business and personal tax. This webinar will dive into how we got to where we are at, what is going on now, and where we might be headed in 2017 and beyond. This presentation will also highlight new, proposed tax reform plans, how they differ from the current plans, and how they might impact both business and personal income tax.

2017 | Thursday, January 19
Webinar: Cybersecurity Frameworks and You: The Perfect Match

  • Information technology is a complex business, at best. While IT can provide amazing benefits, it still requires vigilance and diligence to ensure it is running correctly and that it is secure.  A security framework can be an excellent tool to evaluate what you might be missing and confirm that what you are already doing is spot-on correct.  This session will discuss the importance of using security frameworks and walk attendees through the NIST Cyber Security Framework to review how the framework functions, how to use a framework, and most importantly, how the use of a framework can and will benefit their organization.
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